About Us

We are a company created by several minds in order to multiply, improve, and expand our customer´s customers. It is the mission of IC to serve and manage in a professional way the increase of sales of any product or service of those companies wanting to make their income grow. IC provides the best service to get in touch with your customers in an effective way, and with a price impossible to improve worldwide.

We are helping businesses to achieve success in the United States and we are willing to work with all the affection, responsibility, ethic and integrity to be part of the wonderful stages of growing your company. Internatiocall wants to reach the doors of each company with the purpose of satisfying the needs of it regardless of the difficulty, establishing our labor for years, for decades, or for as long as necessary, That is our commitment.

Why choose

Internatiocall understands and studies day by day the process of offering each product or service based solely on the input of each client, working the sales in a psychological way to penetrate in the market required, being in contact with all types of businesses.

We have bilingual agents (Spanish-English) that are trained upon customer´s requirements. As our client, you will have access to provide and/or monitor any training material, scripts, calls and agents development. We offer customizable service options and will provide you with just exactly the right type of service to best suit your needs, and if they should change then, you may adjust your rate package with just a phone call.